I think I will be financially harmed by the programming code provided by ChatGPT

As part of an assignment for a data visualization course, I asked ChatGPT to provide programming code to preprocess large amounts of data. The code was to use Google’s Geocoding API.

I’ve used Google’s paid APIs before and it only cost me a penny, so I didn’t care about the charge, and ChatGPT didn’t even mention the charge when he explained the programming code.

I’m not much of a coder, so I modified and redid the code, which deals with large amounts of data, many times.

Then this morning, I checked my email to see that I might not be able to get the paid service that came two days ago. I checked the email and they asked me to pay 6 million won and I was very shocked because it was a real bill from Google and not a scam. But then I realized that the amount I was charged was not the full amount and now they are asking me to pay 20 million won…

I admit that it was my fault for not paying attention to the fact that ChatGPT uses a paid API, but I have been using it as a paid member for a long time, trusting the code that ChatGPT provided to me without questioning it. Cases like this should be a wake-up call to not trust the information that ChatGPT provides to me. Therefore, it seems that ChatGPT will not be able to avoid responsibility for the amount of money I will have to pay, and OpenAI needs to come up with a solution.

How can we ask OpenAI about this?