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Continuous Improvement is a vital aspect of any forward-thinking organization that seeks to enhance the Quality and Productivity of their products, processes, and systems in order to remain competitive in both national and global markets.

GIZ Pakistan has launched a program called “Dialogue for Sustainability (DfS)” that has been implemented in numerous local manufacturing firms over the past few years, resulting in significant improvements in a short period of time. PIQC Institute of Quality is one its multiplier organizations who is providing consulting and training services to organizations in the country. PIQC, in collaboration with GIZ, has also developed a Professional Diploma/Certification program for professionals and organizations who have either completed the DfS program and are now interested to sustain this program or want to implement a Continuous Quality and Productivity Improvement tools, techniques, and methodologies. The program has been designed by experts to ensure effective implementation in any organization.

If you’re responsible for improving your organization’s quality and productivity, you can send your key team players to this program, who will be responsible to take initiatives in this direction. The training not only includes lectures but also role-plays, real-life company projects, drills and successful experience sharing and feedback by the consultants on initiatives taken by the participants in their firms.

If you’re working in the field of quality assurance or management, this certification may also be a useful part of your professional portfolio. For more information, please refer to the attached brochure or contact us directly.