I need a help. should I pay?

I made a fine-tuned model. I am going to use this model to our website. so if I use this model API, should I pay?

check pricing for fine-tuned models here: Pricing

I saw. But I don’t know. Could you explain to me? If our company use my fine-tuned model, should our company pay that the customers use this?

Yes, you should pay for use that model.

Look the input/output usage rates:

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Thank you. But I mean, If our company use my fine-tuned model, should our company pay that the customers use this?

for example, when I use ft:gpt-3.5-turbo-0613:test-llc::8QeMpRii model.

You do not pay for it (i think)

You only pay when you are training the model, or if you use the model for do something. After the model training you should not pay anything if you are not using it

Well…so you mean, After a fine-tuning model made once, no pay whether anybody uses it?

It looks like we are going circles :slight_smile:


  1. You have to pay to fine-tune the model.
  2. You have to pay to use fine-tuned model (see pricing above).
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Yes, but your customer should pay for use it (If I understood correctly)
You should only pay for the training

Ok, But Let’s imagine you are a my client. In your site, I planted my chatbot using my fint-tuning model. Many users will use this chatbot. If so, should client pay the API usage through users’s use?

Nothing is Free, to use API you would pay, for each hit your customers will make to your application, you will have to pay so create a payment model which is based on words or token, so you aren’t priced more than people using it. And this is regardless if you fine tune or use normal model

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Client should pay you, then you pay OpenAI :hugs:

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The fine-tuned model is linked to your account and you can make it accessible to your organization via the account settings.

Before anybody can use this model you either need to have a pre-paid plan set up or you will be billed at the end of the month by Open AI.

If there are no pre-paid credits left you cannot use the model. Or if the monthly bills are not being paid the access to the model and likely the whole account will be blocked.

If the costs will be born by the customers or the company is up to your company, and additionally if this is your personal account, up to you.


I think what the OP is asking is if he trains his own fine-tune model, but then makes that fine tuned model accessible outside of this account (which I’m not sure is possible?) would someone that is not OP with their own API key be able to pay to use that fine-tuned model. I think that was the question?

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Edit, deleting some wrong assumptions about API keys.

Thank you. However, when users use the chatbot using fine-tuning model, they are paid a lot of money, so is it reasonable for the client to use this model?
For example, if the number of users are 10000people in a month and price is 1$ per a person, isn’t it a loss for client?

Can you expand on what you mean exactly?

The general point of view is that the person or company offering a fine-tuned model has to pay OpenAI.
And that the clients will pay the company which is offering the fine-tuned model.

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Simply, do clients using these models have income versus expenses correct?

If you have trained the model on your account / organisation then you will be billed for it’s use, regardless of who uses it, your API key is the one with ownership of the fine tuned model, and you are responsible for paying the bill for the use of that model.

If you built this for your employer or a client, then you must arrange a contract whereby you invoice your employer/client for the API bill plus possibly some profit margin. You pay OpenAI as it is your account.

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