I’m unable to save changed configuration

I’m unable to save changed configuration (added new files to custom agent context). Files are uploaded but still see: “Unpublished changes” next to Update button in right upper corner. When I try update I’ll get this:

Same here, but as I can see we are not the only ones and its a problem for some time now :frowning:

OpenAI has bitten off more than it can chew and is unable to support and fix its service. Horrible support here, on email and chat, everywhere. They don’t care if you paid for features they promised and don’t care if you have an issue.

This is the developer community forum full of users like yourself. Head over to help.openai.com if you want to contact costumer support.

Hi, I was there; I wrote 2 emails and communicated 3 times through the OpenAI messenger. I received no response to my emails and no assistance through chat. So, what can I do?