I’m severely paralysed and chatGPT has literally changed my life

I am so deeply grateful to the team and open AI for making this affordable and accessible on a profoundly simple way.

Normally exceptional things that make our life so much easier, cost a fortune and only the rich between us get to enjoy it. Yes, marketers will exploit. This is the exploit everything else.

But the next generation of leaders will be authentic and genuine because they will have the foundations and the help they need without being exploited.

I’m paralysed just below the neck, I could never afford a copywriter. I’m dyslexic and chat. GPT is like my best personal assistant in understanding my tangled thoughts, and allowing me to create clarity and become affective.

Chat GPT remind me of the phrase, it is time we can move on from being who is right and wrong it’s becoming truly effective.

Just wanted to thank the team from the depths of my heart, levelling the playing field for so many of us.

PS I did not put this food chat GPT and I voiced in on the iPad hence it probably is a dyslexic ramble but you will get what I mean.


wow thank you for sharing that. that gets me back to the grindstone, we could actually make diiference . That was good timing for me . thank you - all the best, the everythings to you… was inspiring by the way, thats a killer use case… did you feel there was anything that could smooth it for the next or help you more?

Fantastic! I am a 76 years old former engineer and jack of all trades, and my use of CHATgpt has me feeling like Nikola Tesla. I am eagerly looking forward to the release of CHATgpt 5 following which I expect to feel like Buzz Lightyear. To infinity and beyond! I am also a naive optimist, does that show?