I’m getting insufficient_quota error

yeah there’s a couple other closed threads for this, but it’s still happening. I purchased credits AFTER the status message said resolved, but I am unable to query the API. I’d comment on the other threads instead of making a duplicate, but they keep getting closed


This is helpful, I wanted to close them specifically so new issues like yours would be easy to find : ) let me look into this.


Thank you Logan. I thought I would add that I seem to be having the same issue so that you can increase your sample size to 2 :slight_smile:

The issue seems to have gone away for me automatically. Not sure if OpenAI changed something or if the system just needed some time, but @synic it’s probably worth another shot!

Yes should be resolved, the issue y’all had run into was slightly different than the original issue. We built some flags in to detect similar issues in the past. Thanks for being patient with us.