I live in Wales but speak English. ChatGPT is confused

Wrth gwrs mae popeth yn well yng Nghymru—ble arall gallwch chi ddod o hyd i gestyll, arfordiroedd a chefn gwlad wedi’i lapio mewn croeso cynnes Cymreig?

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The whole accent thing is a red herring I am pretty sure… but I love the notion of conspiracy!

Only the latest update of 4o due in Q4 this year may be able to detect such nuanced detail. It’s very likely a Whisper issu

Da iawn!

I live just into England, next to wales and it also thinks that I am speaking in welsh. This is super annoying.

I live in Brazil, and it happens to me too. My app is in English and I set the language to be English in preferences, yet sometimes, I speak English and it writes in Portuguese. So I guess, it’s purely geographical. Luckily I do understand Portuguese.