I keep getting "I Don't Know" as an answer in an chatbot API call

I have a chat that places Api calls to davinci.

Specifically using

model: “code-davinci-002”,
** prompt: "Me: What is the deal with AI?\nThe Bot: ",**
** temperature: 0,**
** max_tokens: 2500,**
** top_p: 1,**
** frequency_penalty: 1.5,**
** presence_penalty: 1,**
** stop: [“Me:”],**

and I get the response “I Don’t Know” to over half my questions.

I have even tried side by side with the playground with the exact same settings and the playground always responds appropriately.

I am stumped and wanted to see if anyone else has this issue

Try with Temp at 0.7 or 1.


And also I discovered this was because I errantly used the codex model for language (not code) requests. :man_facepalming:

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