I have purchased $5 credit for API key but the key is not generating

I purchased $5 credits to use a new API key on a software platform. As I generate the key and paste it on the other platform, it says the key is expired or revoked. My credit does not deduct from the account either. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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Your API key should be treated like a wallet, or a credit card, you should not give it out to anyone, it seems that you may be uploading it to github, which is detecting it as a private API key and alerting OpenAI to a security breach, which then cancels your API key. You will need to generate a new one and keep it safe.

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I did not share it with anyone or on GitHub either. I just purchased the credit and generated a new key, but still it won’t work. My credit is not even being utilized.

What is the other platform?


A writing tool called human writer. Also here’s an update, the new key is now working fine. I think it was a bug.

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same problem. any one can solve this problem for humanwriter?