I have been trying and failing for 45mins to solve these new purple blurry captchas!

Sometimes I see captchas. Sometimes I even get them after every prompt.

But tonight, I am tearing my hair out. I have been trying to solve the OpenAI captcha for 45mins and I can’t make out the blur I am seeing. I have never in my life struggled this hard to read a captcha - I don’t know if OpenAI are using their new Dalle-3 for this and it’s freaking out creating absolute visual nonsense.

How are people managing to solve these new captchas? Are they actually possible to solve, or are these intentionally rigged so we can never actually complete them?



It is simple: the first image has 11 possible positions.
the second round of their game has 11 possible positions,
then do a third one. All must be successful.

The probability of a bot just randomly clicking buttons and getting through with 50% chance is around 1000 trials. And like the terminator, bots don’t quit. I don’t know how this company (Arkose) envisioned this to be more than just a people-annoyer.

They are giving me 5 images I need to match to 10 pictures. Usually it’s 3 images to match to 5 pictures and it takes maybe 10-15 secs total.

I feel like there’s malice in these Captchas, tbh. It’s just a dark pattern from some passive aggressive employees at OpenAI.

But they let me use ChatGPT3.5 without captcha.
GPT4 - impossible captcha.

I thought, maybe I can bypass it by getting the API key and hooking into GPT4. Nope. For whatever reason, they still haven’t provided me with GPT4 API key. This captcha is literally impossible to pass.

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Well, even if they fix it, you’ve picked out your permanent forum name :woozy_face:

That’s okay. I don’t tend to hang around forums. Okay, so I have heard about a site called poe from other confused people on Reddit. They advise to ditch the OpenAI subscription and pay the 20 bucks to poe which gives access to more powerful versions of GPT4 as well as Bard and more. I suppose this captcha nightmare has a silver lining.

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