I have a greyed-out "send" button so I can't use ChatGPT at all. I got no message alerting me of restrictions. I also have ChatGPT plus. Anyone know what might be going on?

Have the same issue over here, started this morning. On my Iphone it’s working perfectly, but on my Macbook it’s not working on all the browsers I’ve got.


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I have same problem. Unable to send any prompt. On Brave browser …

same problem i have a plus subscription

Having the same issues. Only the Mac app is working for me. But that has so many other bugs that it is also not really useable

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same problem only on browsers, working fine on android

Same problem, it ended up spamming my prompt after I pressed enter a bunch, then told me I can’t use gpt4 for a while until my timer cools down. Now even 3.5 isn’t sending my prompts after minutes of waiting.

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is there no way to contact them ?

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Ridiculous for a paid service. Had this the last few hours.


I also have exact same issue. On my iphone it works but on PC no. It is really irritating. It is a paid service but whenever i need it i have such issues.

When I inspect the page with Firefox I get the following:

Source Map Error: request failed with status 404

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>BlobNotFoundThe specified blob does not exist.

EDIT: I saw a ton of errors that weren’t this, that had to do with script loading getting blocked. I disabled my adblock plus and ublock origin, cleared cache, and after a few mins started getting responses back pretty fast. I’ll update if it stays working or not 2024-06-12T14:31:00Z

EDIT 2: It has been working without grey-ing out for around 40 mins, can anyone else see if disabling ad blockers and clearing cache works? 2024-06-12T15:08:00Z


+1! it’s happening here too

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I have the same problem, I even cleared all cookies on my web browsers but it is still the same, the send button grays out and it won’t work.

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it started to work back for a few mintus, but the issue happened again after a while

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One api is failling if u look at network tab

nothing has changed, the same issues still exist.

Is this soley a webpage issue?

Yes ! yes, just the web page on the iPhone.

Same on safari iOS, also paying for subscription, this needs to be fixed, anyone with a new iPhone or new MacBook having this issue? Wanna know if they are prioritizing compute for the latest models of iOS / iPhone


+1 here
Having the greyed-out send button for over a week

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So difficult. Over a week. I can’t work with my iPhone anymore. On Mac works. I think this started since chatgpt started to roll out testing for chatgpt 4 for me . Not sure. I know I need chatgpt on my iPhone a lot and this is hugely inconvenient

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