I got a 12 day ban on the discord for mentioning Poe.com

  1. Hey ive been a premium user for months but im getting capcha on eveyrthing I do on chat gpt even though ihavent been using bots or such. I feel having to do 2 capchas everytime i put in a single input is excessive is there a way to resolve this?

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i asked on both the chat gpt reddit and the open ai forum and I dindt get an answer. I also asked the open ai help bot itself and i asked chat gpt itself but basically got gaslighted. How do i resolve this?

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If its something really obvious and simple by all means explain like im 5

November 1, 2023

  1. !

WanderingHero Today at 9:44 PM

even Poe.com seems to be barely respondign to me now

BAM 12 day time out. What the heck?

And yes this is litereally every single message I set before getting hit with a 12 day time out there is no further context

Anddddd no reply. Sigh

You serious?