I get this error whenever i run my api key test

import os

import openai

openai.organization = “org-O6M7lemlRjLpbSfFHn1KFues”

openai.api_key = os.getenv(“sk-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”)


and I get this error whenever i run my api, i created new ones used fresh keys i dont know why i see this error everytime even when just testing my key access

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “d:\Python testing\Open ai test.py”, line 5, in
File “D:\PythonWill\lib\site-packages\openai\api_resources\abstract\listable_api_resource.py”, line 52, in list
requestor, url = cls.__prepare_list_requestor(
File “D:\PythonWill\lib\site-packages\openai\api_resources\abstract\listable_api_resource.py”, line 20, in __prepare_list_requestor
requestor = api_requestor.APIRequestor(
File “D:\PythonWill\lib\site-packages\openai\api_requestor.py”, line 130, in init
self.api_key = key or util.default_api_key()
File “D:\PythonWill\lib\site-packages\openai\util.py”, line 186, in default_api_key
raise openai.error.AuthenticationError(
openai.error.AuthenticationError: No API key provided. You can set your API key in code using ‘openai.api_key = ’, or you can
set the environment variable OPENAI_API_KEY=). If your API key is stored in a file, you can point the openai module at it with ‘openai.api_key_path = ’. You can generate API keys in the OpenAI web interface. See https://onboard.openai.com for details, or
email support@openai.com if you have any questions.