I found a conversation in my chatgpt account that I did not make

I found a conversation in my ChatGPT account that I did not make.
No one has access to my account or any of my devices.
I thought that I was hacked, but I checked everything, and there doesn’t seem to be a hack.
Did someone experience something similar?
This is a screen shot of the conversation:

Wait, what are the creative things the bot was going to say?!

You can still go to the account login page, press “forgot password”, and receive an email password reset for your own safety.

If it’s just one bizarre occurrence, similar has happened before with OpenAI - database corruption or other back-end problem. A widespread disclosure of other’s chats and “we’re sorry” back in March.

This seems like one of the preset “suggestion” prompts.

Are you by any chance using Opera GX?

Regardless, I would chalk this up to an accident and not being hacked.

Thanks. I will change the password just incase.

Yes, that’s right. I’m using Opera GX.

There’s been other reports of this happening as well. I believe a bug report was filed. So you’re not alone (and not hacked)