I encountered some 404s to your general contact forms while conversing with Chat GPT-4

While talking with Chat GPT I encountered some recommended links that 404ed. I was then pointed here to raise these issues, here is the context with the example:
" 1. Feedback on Codex and Other OpenAI Products

Official Feedback Channels:

  • OpenAI Support: You can provide feedback directly through the OpenAI support channels. This can often be done via email or through contact forms on their official website.
    • [OpenAI Contact Form](could not provide link)"

That link to the contact form was not found.

  1. " Resources for Customers:
  • EU AI Act Summary: [European Commission AI Act Overview](could not provide link)"
    In the example here i asked to be pointed to resources to better understand the EU AI Act, and that link was not found.

Please let me know if there is a better place to flag these types of issues, or a better format I should follow when doing so?

You wrote API but are mentioning ChatGPT. It’s a bit confusing (OpenAI’s naming and by extension, your post)

If you are calling it via the API: you cannot trust it to know up-to-date information. This is where RAG comes in handy.

If you are using ChatGPT: You should ask it to browse the internet and find this information.

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