I can't give a custom name to the openai model. How do I do it?

I know fine-tuning but I cant this.I uploaded jsonl
After link : https://api.openai.com/v1/fine-tunes

I use postman .I dont use clı.

example :


"training_file": "file-secret0",

"model": "curie",

"suffix": "Mymodel"


----there is a reply but no model name.(where is mymodelname)


    "object": "fine-tune",
    "id": "ft-secret1",
    "hyperparams": {
        "n_epochs": 4,
        "batch_size": null,
        "prompt_loss_weight": 0.01,
        "learning_rate_multiplier": null
    "organization_id": "org-secret2",
    "model": "curie",
    "training_files": [
            "object": "file",
            "id": "file-secret3",
            "purpose": "fine-tune",
            "filename": "evler.jsonl",
            "bytes": 188,
            "created_at": 1672748109,
            "status": "processed",
            "status_details": null
    "validation_files": [],
    "result_files": [],
    "created_at": 1672755247,
    "updated_at": 1672755247,
    "status": "pending",
    "fine_tuned_model": null,
    "events": [
            "object": "fine-tune-event",
            "level": "info",
            "message": "Created fine-tune: ft-secret4",
            "created_at": 1672755247