I can't find what email accout my projectid is associated with

I’ve logged into both emails that my chatgpt account would be logged under. I have the project id and the organization id and I use chatgpt all the time but I can’t find out how much money I’m spending! Is there a way that I can do something like this:

from openai import OpenAI
projid = ‘secret’
orgid = ‘secret’
client = OpenAI(
print (client.user_email)

Hey there! Welcome to the developer forum.

ChatGPT and the API are two separate products. While you get an API account (I believe) when you sign-up for ChatGPT, it does not come with any free credits.

At this time, there’s not a way to track your ChatGPT usage because you get (pretty close to…) unlimited per month… ie if you’re a heavy user, you’ll usually get a lot more than if you were spending on the API…

Having said that, the API gives you a lot more control.

Hope that helps sorting it out for you!

Actually, I found what account my API project key is associated with but I can’t figure out how many tokens I’ve used. It says I have a 30K token limit per month, but does that mean how many tokens I put into the system or how many tokens the system outputs? For example, if I say: “define happy” and it outputs a 10 token definitions, is that 2 tokens for input or 10 tokens for output? It shows me how much money I’ve spent but it doesn’t say what I did to spend that money.

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For example, when I click on


It says I didn’t use it which is clearly false.

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The 30k limit is the hard limit, I believe.

You pay for what you send in and what comes out (sometimes different rates for each)…The OpenAI Pricing page goes into it a lot more…

It’s not real time. Might have to wait 5 to 10 minutes… but it should update there. And you should be able to choose between tokens/dollars… at least you could before. I haven’t been on the page a lot recently…

You had to have paid for API tokens, so you’re likely Tier 1 now for those…

The quickstart guide is another good place to start out…

Here’s a screenshot of my usage data for the month of June. There’s nothing on it and yet my account when down from $10 to $6. I mostly made requests for translation of texts.