I cannot delete a FineTuned model that I created

I cannot delete a FineTuned model that I created.

It shows up in the Playground:

When I call: /fine-tunes I can see that I am the owner

But when I call: /models

It shows the owner as user- and I am unable to delete the model.

I get:

System.UnauthorizedAccessException: curie:ft-personal-2023-03-08-01-42-31 is not owned by your organization.

Hi @ADefWebserver, welcome to the forum.

Can you share the raw output of API call in that code used to make that call?

The owned_by field of the list models endpoint lists the unique identifier of the user who owns the model.

Also, are you using your account personally as well as an org member?

Thank you for your help!

This is the raw response, is this what you mean?

      "id": "curie:ft-personal-2023-03-08-01-42-31",
      "object": "model",
      "created": 1678239751,
      "owned_by": "user-k2xxeahfckshflXXXXXXXXXXXX",
      "permission": [
          "id": "snapperm-thSOS2O5FUnr8QJYzM4ZKCyA",
          "object": "model_permission",
          "created": 1678239751,
          "allow_create_engine": true,
          "allow_sampling": true,
          "allow_logprobs": true,
          "allow_search_indices": false,
          "allow_view": true,
          "allow_fine_tuning": true,
          "organization": "org-pEnLsyOvhtKXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
          "group": null,
          "is_blocking": false
      "root": "curie:2020-05-03",
      "parent": "curie:2020-05-03"

I only have a Personal account and I created an API key and that is what I am using.

The response is normal and you should be able to delete the madel based on your description.

Can you share the api call code you’re using to delete the ft model?

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@sps You are correct. It does work.

The reason I thought it wasn’t working is that I am using a .Net library and it had a check for organization ID and it was throwing the error. I removed that check and then everything worked correctly.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi @ADefWebserver

It’s good, in my view, to use the fine-tuning details using the retrieve method / endpoint.

Please run your query again using this endpoint and post the results.



@ruby_coder I was able to delete the model. Thank You