I Canceled My Plus Subscription

I thought the plus subscription was going to be a good thing and it was for about the first day or two. It’s back to stopping in the middle of writing out code and as slow as before. It also seems like they are dumbing it down at times. I canceled my subscription after two weeks of use. Why pay $20 a month for the same service I was getting before?

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For me seems to work fine. Though, my location my affect that site is not so busy when im using it.

But i have noticed, that i has been slowen down back to speeds it was with free usage.

Hi @drhoads

Just FYI in case it stops in the in the middle again, you can prompt with continue and it’ll pick up from where it left.

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I have done that many times. Something it does and most of the time it starts all over again and stop about the same place as before.

Honestly, I thought we would be treated much better as paying customers but it seems that we have to support a system where 99% of people don’t want to pay.

We should have a far better experience as paying customers.

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My user expiriance is 0. Even worse. I paid and don’t get ANYTHING out of it. I feel quite robbed I have to say. “openai.error.RateLimitError: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.” just by typing in a “hello” afdter paying 20$ for premium. What a scam