I can only see "ByChatGPT" Custom GPTS in the GPT store

I restored my Plus subscription a few days ago and accessed the GPT store

I thought I was going to be able to view other folks’ Custom GPTs, not only those made by OpenAI? I can see only OpenAI-made Custom GPTs. The below is how it looks on my end:

It doesn’t resemble the marketplace pictured in promotional screenshots of the GPT store

Is OpenAI doing a partial rollout again and I have to wait? This seems like a bug to me… Thanks!

Yes, it looks like you don’t have access to the store, yet.

I have inquired an update about the rollout process and keep you posted.

Sorry, don’t have better news you.

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Sure! Thanks for the reply. Mine is not an isolated case, though. I saw on Reddit other folks have reported it.

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Do you know if there are some community moderators or ChatGPT employees viewing the community that I could potentially tag in here to perhaps get an update on this? :smile:

Since this is a forum with 500,000 members it won’t be of much use to ping the staff.
What we usually do is pin a topic if many users report the same issue in a short time period because we believe this can help to draw attention.

From this perspective it makes most sense if you take a look around for other topics with more replies that are about the same issue.
If you find one, add your voice there.

Personally, I think that’s not the best situation.
I can relate because I never got access to the plug-in development before and waiting for a feature to be unlocked is tiresome.
I sure hope your issue will be resolved soon!

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Good news! I’ve just gotten access to the marketplace in its full shape. :slight_smile:

If anyone is reading this and hasn’t been granted access yet, here’s a workaround.

  1. Visit the “EXPLORE GPTS” page in the incognito mode. I can’t paste links, but it’s a link from the Chatgpt web app.
  2. find a custom GPT that interests you
  3. Copy and paste the link while logged into your ChatGPT account

That’ll allow you to use it just fine.

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