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Just a thought. I’m an artist and teacher. I have begun introducing chatgpt and Dall-e to my students and co workers. I’ve pretty much used up all my credits by doing this. I think these are amazing tools and Intend to purchase some new credits at the end of this month. Would Dall-e consider an educational platform with a larger volume credits for lecturers, teachers and tutors - using their institutional email accounts to access this forum. The number of credits given is actually pretty decent, but not of your are continuously going to demonstrate this for others. I teach literacy through art (Fine and Applied Art paired with a Business Management background).
Denso Wave created QR codes and relinquished it’s rights to get it into the public. Artivive, made changes too late (how credits were charged) and I think missed a massive opportunity (although it is still important).
I’m not suggesting that this is rolled out for free, but I am suggesting to harness the education sector and let it be an additional ambassador for this amazing product.

Take care for now.

Gillian Black