Http4k releases Kotlin Plugin SDK


Just thought that members of this forum may be interested to know that we’ve recently released an Plugin SDK as a part of the http4k-connect open source Kotlin project.

The SDK allows you to simply create plugins using the Kotlin API. All 4 types of auth model are supported and the infra provides the manifest and OpenAPI spec endpoints automatically.

There’s a demo repo at github/http4k/http4k-connect-examples/tree/master/developing-openai-plugins -if anyone wants to check it out , the repo contains a simple addressbook plugin and a Pulumi infrastructure to deploy it to AWS Lambda.

All this is just building on all the pretty standard stuff that is available in http4k - it was so easy to create the SDK from the libraries we just thought why not!

One thing that might also be of interest is the FakeOpenAI server, which you can use for testing in-memory, or spin it up - it allows you to run chat completions against it without using up those precious tokens!