How useful is it to put additional system instructions as a file attachment?

I have an Assistant that already has a fairly long system instruction.

I have additional instructions I need to provide that includes many examples to help the AI understand the desired output better. The examples come with reasoning notes as to why they’ve been written that way.

My question is, I won’t be able to fit this all int the system prompt. If I added this as a file attachment, would this still help guide the AI like the system prompt, or will it be overlooked as instructions?

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Hi - it can definitely help but you need to include a reference in your instructions as to when and how to consider the information in this file. Also, structure the information in the file such that it is easy for the Assistant to “understand” and follow and if necessary explain the structure in your instructions.


Yes it will be helpful to include examples/references in a file uploaded to the assistant, that’s easy to read. As @jr.2509 suggests, you should include an instruction to refer to the attached file for reference.

One thing to note that currently text files have a maximum of 2 million tokens.

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