How to verify temperature is working?

I am trying the different value for temperature. Based on the document, it will increase randomness. So, I try 0, 1, 0.5. Sometimes, it seems the result matches my expectations.

For example, with temperature = 0, the output is always the same. With temperature = 1, the output is a bit random.

However, after one day, when I try again, things changes. with temperature = 0, the output is also similar to that generated by temperature = 1. So I get confused.

So, I just wonder if there is a good way to verify if the temperature is working or not?

When I was testing stuff with GPT4 and set temperature to 2.0 it would just start spitting bunch of random letters, so maybe thats one way to check whether it applies

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Hi, @Neoony

OK. I will try. Thank you.