How to use openai for a specific topic

Hi i want o use openai for a specific topic, like Insurance. So if i will ask any question related to insurance, it should reply only related to that, not any other topics. Might be my question doesnot have keywords like insurance, premium etc. and i will upload a pdf/csv related to a specific product, api should return me response from there. How can i do it?

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This sounds like you are looking for one of the many Chat with X products, in the this case Chat with PDF, if you use the search function at the top of this site and use that as the search term you will find many offerings.

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Also be attentive to the fact that they may not all be of the same quality, check each one with some test cases before settling on one, and then if it starts to seem odd after many days, weekes, etc., because the model being used may have changed (ref), then redo the test and possibly change to a different or newer plugin.

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Still one of the best videos I’ve ever found on the subject: GPT-4 Tutorial: How to Chat With Multiple PDF Files (~1000 pages of Tesla's 10-K Annual Reports) - YouTube

In case you want to do it yourself.

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in addition to the conversations above, providing a system message + prompt relating to the agent behaviour you want can help a lot to steer the conversation with GPT4.

Then engineer the prompt and context to provide the up to date know-how.

I use gpt-4 for a site totally dedicated to real estate law. Works beautifully.