How to use gpt-4o on my PC/Mobile?

I’m referring to the new GPT4o. It is supposed to create images, respond to images, respond to audio etc. Apparently I am logged into that option. How does one tell, BTW?

Hi there, I’m running an Intel i9 Mac frrom 2019 and the .dmg is not supported. Is there any version supported on an intel Mac? Thanks

Yep, I have ChatGPT-4o too (on my Android phone). But it can’t see or sing or laugh…yet. I’m sure it’s coming soon though. ‘Sky’ doesn’t actually know ‘she’ is the omni version either (ask if you like), so it’s essentially the desktop version on mobile for now. And the audio is not nearly as good (lively) as in the demos…yet.

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You guys are complaining that voice isn’t available while I’m here with no 4o at all. I guess that’s just womp womp for me.

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I don’t have it on android or web either. Guess we wait.

Mahaba djem öeo ödk e kdo kd le k sol

I haven’t seen GPT-4o on my PC and mobile, when I log into the GPT it redirects to the old version.
Please guide and provide for solution

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Maybe not available in your country
Just wait. It may be available soon.
Try uninstalling then installing the app. It worked with me…