How to use gpt-4o on my PC/Mobile?

For the voice mode the offical post said it would roll it out in the coming weeks as a beta for Plus subscribers.

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Hi guys, how much is the message limit per day, on the free plan ?

Where I can download app for macos? I have GPT-4o in browser

Ok, I found it Chat GPT Desktop App for Mac

but unfortunally got “Comming soon” message

I am a Plus user and can select the GPT4o in the app on iOS already, but everything is the same as with GPT4. Very long latency, no live voice conversations, no emotions, no live video chat etc.

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I am a free user and I have no access to 4o on my Android phone or my computer’s web browser.

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I have the same issue, I select chatgpt 4o both in the mobile app and in the browser but it looks like chatgpt 4. For example image generation prompts shown on “” don’t work at all (e.g. text is not correctly inserted in the images, there is no consistency between images, not capable of reading patterns etc… So maybe it is still not rolled out completely (not just the video and speaking features)?


I have the same issue as everyone here I’m connecting from Spain and there’s nothing changed on the app except that the o appears but there’s no new features. There’s no way to use anything from the demo and I’m reading articles that say that the model is out for everyone for free but it’s not even available to me when I’m paying this is insane I mean they probably made $40 million today from people paying them for this new model and it’s just not available. This is false advertising. I mean we could sue them. I even asked the model itself and it doesn’t know that it is in fact the new model and it says it cannot read images. Something is seriously wrong.


the mic button is the old voice interaction with ChatGPT. It’s always been there. Calm down with the “false advertizing” and “missing features” and all that…


I just got ChaGPT4o in my account. Works in browser and iOS app. Still don’t have magic button to speak with GPT4o with video.


I haven’t seen GPT-4o on my PC and mobile, when I log into the GPT it redirects to the old version.

Same thing with me. I can access the new model ChatGPT 4o, but no magic button and the voice feature isn´t much different from the one before. Does anyone knows when will it be realeased?

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The frustrating thing for me that it says I am using 4o, but I am not. It’s the same 4 model

I do miss the voice interaction myself. I hope this is only a set back. We need that app so we can hear the voices.

Where does it say in the interface what version you are using?

Does the free version actually generate images? When I asked it to, it said…

I don’t have the capability to create images directly, but I can provide a detailed description for an artist or graphic designer to create a picture of…

No it doesn’t, GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 are not the same thing

I have tried as well on my Pixel and no luck. I hope this feature comes soon.

On one of my laptops, the browser can access GPT 4-o when visiting the official site. On another one, I can’t access it no matter how much I clear cache data and cookies, or changing browsers. Weird.

It’s not available for me as well. Just a paragraph of info only on chatgpt 4o. Not even listing in to playground drop down