How to use customized embeddings from OpenAI Cookbook?

Hello Everyone,

Context :
I am following this cookbook from OpenAI for customizing embeddings :

Here is my usecase :
We have huge number of private documents (~400000) which is filled with organization specific words and knowledge.
We have already divided documents into chunks and converted each chunk to embedding and stored it in a VectorStore (OpenSearch).
But while retrieving a lot of irrelevant documents are found similar to query.
In order to circumvent that, we are planning to create bias matrix as described in OpenAI Cookbook for customiziing embeddings.

Question :
The bias matrix (it is mentioned as best matrix in code) generated as part of the cookbook is of shape : (1536,2048)
The embedding generated using ADA model has shape : (1,1536)
What should be my precise next steps ?

Possible Next Steps :
Step 1 : Multiple emebedding of every chunk (which is shape of (1,1536) with bias matrix (which is shape of (1536,2048)) that results into matrix of shape (1,2048).

Step 2 : Insert result of multiplication (i.e. (1,2048) matrix) to vector store embedding against chunk.

Step 3 : While querying vector store, follow the Step 1 and Step 2 again for embedding generated for query

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Yep, you’ll have to run the transformation every time you get your embeddings from the API.

Is that your question?