How to train to convert text with ambiguous grammar to unambiguous grammar?

I would like to create an app which can improve written text, in such a way that it cannot be misunderstood. Among others, one of the aspects is turning ambiguously formulated grammar into unambiguously formulated grammar.

To illustrate the problem:

Phil‘s mother said: „ Please buy one bottle of milk. If they have apples, buy six.“

Phil came home with six bottles of milk.

Phil‘s mother asked: „Why the hell did you buy six bottles of milk?!“

Phil answered: „Because they had apples.“

Even if GPT-3 couldn’t automatically correct the error, it would be great if it could detect ambiguous grammar.

How can I train a model for this? I only heard about entering question and answers until GPT-3 understands. Any help much appreciated.

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Thank you. I didn’t know it was that easy :slight_smile:

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