How to train an Assistant on a `sitemap.xml`?

Hi all,

I’m reaching out to inquire about training an Assistant on a sitemap.xml. Could you please provide me with some guidance on how to do this? Any guideance would be greatly appreciated, because I just upload the xml file and it fails to read or is stuck in an indefinite loop.

Upload a sitemap.txt. The AI doesn’t need additional parsing of any XML, likely oriented towards document extraction of proprietary Microsoft formats.

If you want to ensure the full plain text is always in context, it can be part of additional_instructions.

And also - what do you expect it to do with that map?

It cannot by itself go look at the pages on the sitemap - you’d have to add function to do that. So I’m not sure that the sitemap itself is something that an Assistant could do a lot with ‘out of the box’ ?

Well thing is, the sitemap.xml file contains a lot of links, and I need it to be able to access all of them and read those webpages. I am trying to make an Assistant based on a documentation website which itself on its on homepage says “If you are using Open AI you can access API via sitemap.xml”. I guess my question now is how do I add such a function.