How to submit an appeal when your account is canceled?

Hello everyone,

First of all, I apologize because I am aware that this is not the appropriate forum to raise this issue, but I truly feel very frustrated by this situation.

I just received the following email from OpenAI:

Dear ChatGPT customer,

You are receiving this email because we have identified suspicious activity on your account. In order to protect our platform, we have refunded and canceled your subscription. You will no longer have access to ChatGPT Plus service.

We take fraud prevention very seriously, and we want to ensure that our platform remains a safe and secure place for all our customers. If you believe that this action has been taken in error, we invite you to submit an appeal to have your account reinstated.

Thanks for your understanding.

The OpenAI Team

They have not given me any explanation as to what happened and they have canceled my account without prior notice.

I’ve always used ChatGPT correctly, so I don’t know what they mean when they say “Suspicious activity”.

I have tried to appeal the cancellation of my account through the chat that exists at but it is impossible because you cannot write any query, and you can only follow the tags that it proposes and none of them are related with appealing deactivated accounts.

I have sent an email to but with little hope of getting a response.

The truth is that I feel very frustrated and helpless on the part of OpenAI because I have been a plus customer for 5 months and it does not seem right to me that OpenAI has canceled my account without prior notice.

As I said before, I have always used ChatGPT correctly, but assuming I have done something wrong, I think that before canceling my account without prior notice, the correct thing would have been to let me know if I have committed any violation, which I repeat again seems to me something very remote and strange.

Please, if anyone has found themselves in a similar situation, I would greatly appreciate knowing if they managed to recover the account and how.

If anyone from OpenAI reads this message, please contact me because I would like to continue enjoying the ChatGPT service.

Thank you very much in advance.

Welcome to the developer forum,

The developer forum is not the correct place for ChatGPT support. Please use the website, where you can make use of the support bot in the bottom right hand corner.