How to set my database api key for my action

I failed to set my action using api key. When I let go of my api permissions, I can successfully get data through the action, but once I set the required api key, I cannot succeed, showing "I attempted to retrieve data using the getdata operation from the specified API, but unfortunately, the call did not succeed due to an authorization issue. ”

There could be a couple of reasons for this message including (but not limited to):

  1. your key is not correct
  2. the authentication scheme in the OpenAPI specification is not correct
  3. the user associated with the key does not have the permissions

Re: 1: double check you have used the right credentials

Re 2: double check the OpenAPI spec and the API documentation - is the spec describing what is written in the API docs? Were you able to make a call to that API using tools like CURL or Postman? Where did you get the specification from in the first place?

Re3: again, check the API documentation, try to use the API from CURL or Postman

You can test – debug the call from the GPT configuration – is there any additional information from the API response?

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