How to send multipal promps in one request?

I am trying to send request with batch prompts to competition for modal
text-davinci-003. but ends up in error response that reads “Invalid argument prompts” . is it possible any workaround for that? I am actually trying to ask same thing about multiple things. or can you guid me what the most cost efficient way of doing that? below the code i am trying .

I am trying to send following request
$prompts = [[‘prompt’=>‘…’, ‘id’=>‘…’],[‘prompt’=>‘…’, ‘id’=>‘…’], [‘prompt’=>‘…’, ‘id’=>‘…’]];
$request_body = json_encode( [
“model” => “text-davinci-003”,
“prompts” => $prompts,
‘max_tokens’ => 1,
‘temperature’ => 0.0,

It’s still prompt instead of prompts. It can either be a string or array of strings.

prompt string or array
The prompt(s) to generate completions for, encoded as a string, array of strings, array of tokens, or array of token arrays. [source]