How to request to add information into ChatGPT?


We understand that ChatGPT is limited in its knowledge based on a certain time frame. However, from a business perspective, if we want to ask ChatGPT specifically to incorporate our product, is there any way we can do this? As you can imagine, for us to consider purchasing the product would only make sense to have our own product in it.


You should read the API documentation.

I just want to double-check, we’re probably thinking just as simple as typing in our “product” into chat gpt and would return relevant information but right now our product is too new that there is no information so it cannot generate anything. Does this entail us to still look at the API documentation, if so which part or how can I get to the right document? Obviously, I’m not a technical person, more from a business user standpoint, so the more details the better, appreciate any response kindly.