How to permanently save uploaded information

Hi everyone,

I was so happy to hear about the custom bots you can now create and also upload files, documents etc. When I later used this custom bot, I couldn’t understand why the answers were so bad and didn’t really refer to what I had uploaded - I just asked the bot if it remembered the books I had uploaded a while ago. The answer was that it doesn’t save your files or any information from them once you’ve finished the current conversion - it’s all gone. The bots are just “for general custom behaviour”.

Does anyone have a solution on how to upload and permanently save the uploaded information so you can refer your promts and requests to it?

I would be very grateful.

You’d need an external server to store the files on. I have this working for incredibly small files, but the Actions functionality is not mature enough to handle files larger than ~1kb at the moment. Personally I’m hoping that those issues will be resolved sooner rather than later, but it seems to be a waiting game until then.

It does work nicely for telling the GPT to store specific pieces of information to refer back to later though, just not entire files.