How to make the most efficient fine-tuning?

I’m going to do fine-tuning in an e-commerce company that includes technical and price information about products. What would you recommend to get good results?

Remember the old adage… “Garbage in, garbage out…”

Take time to clean your dataset and make sure it’s closest to what’s suggested in the docs…

And search around the forums a bit if you haven’t yet. There’s a treasure trove of good info here…

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First of all, you should take a step back and consider if you need to use an OpenAI API generative AI model or not.

If you are just storing product information which includes technical and price information about the product, do you really need a generative AI?

What text will you actual generate? Do you have an example prompt and your expected completion? Do you want the same results every time?

So, before you launch into a fine-tuning project, it’s good to take a step back and describe what exactly you wish to accomplish functionally and how without a particular technology in mind.




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