How to make the inferece uploading a document from API, calling an existing GPT assistant created in GPT Builder?

I everyone, I´ve created an assistant by UI using GPT-Builder. For now, I need to upload a file and get de inferece by a especific task I trained, but all of examples i´ve seeing I have to create the assistant by API. Does anyone have a example how to retrieve a result from an existing GPT Assistant ?

GPTs are exclusive within ChatGPT Plus for end-user subscribers of the web chatbot.

The GPT agent is similar in many was to the Assistants framework on API that you program yourself, but that is on a different platform with distinct differences.

They share no internal connection, only sharing what you learned about making an AI interact in a particular manner.

Assistants has a particular tool method you can employ for parsing files and having the AI being informed by that knowlege, retrieval. You can read more about how to program the AI and upload files and link them to assistants by reading the API reference or documentation links on the sidebar of this forum.

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