How to make the Filemaker db search pattern using chatGPT?

Hi everyone.
This forum is always helpful for openai use cases.
Now, I am making the filemaker db reader using ChatGPT.
I tried with other databases (e.g, MySQl, MongoDB) and successfully made the DB query generator using ChatGPT.
But FileMaker is really complicated to make the query.
There’re only _sort, _limit, _offset options when I tried to pull the filemaker data using Postman.
And also so many data in metadata.
How can I solve this problem?
There are so many data in the FileMaker DB so it’s impossible to pull all data from that and send to openai api with system role.
I need to generate filter option using ChatGPT but I am beginner in Filemaker + ChatGPT.
Please let me know if someone has the experiences with it.
It’s okay if that is wick.