How to make a GPT generate responses based on a selected list of websites?

I want my GPT to generate responses based on 200-300 professional websites. Many of them are updated frequently.

How can I achieve it?

What kind of responses? How long are they? How many?
Right off the bat, without even knowing that context, I’d recommend you use the API for this if you’re calling that many websites at once. Otherwise, I would look into creating a custom GPT.

What kind of responses?

Analysis type of responses.

How long are they?

Length of the responses is not important.

How many?

~80% of those websites update every few days. I’m not sure if I have answered your question.

I would look into creating a custom GPT.

I agree with you @Macha , but how do I create one?

Analysis type of responses.

That doesn’t really help. What are you trying to do with the data? What kind of analysis? Performing some kind of analysis was the assumption here, not the missing information.

Length of the responses is not important.

Well, comprehensive analyses tend to be longer than quick summaries. Again, I don’t know what you’re looking for yet, and this question usually helps me gauge that. What about a one-line summary for each website? Do you want it parsed by each website at all, or did you want a single overview of all of them?

how do I create one?

With a ChatGPT Plus subscription, you would be looking under the “My GPT” section when you click your account name. Custom GPTs are not available for non-plus subscribers. If you don’t have one, I would look into the assistants API and get a feel for that.

Keep in mind, a custom GPT is not going to automatically perform API calls or perform any idle actions, so if you’re looking for more real-time automatic summarizations, this has to be done with the API. AKA, you have to ask it for the information each time you’d want it if you go the custom GPT route.

I’m new to GPT and I appreciate your patience with me. I apologise for not being clear enough. Let me rephrase my question.

I want to train my GPT with a curated list of high-quality professional websites.

The input prompt will be a scenario for my GPT to analyse.

The problem is that these professional websites don’t have APIs for integration. They change their content frequently. My GPT won’t work well if it uses outdated data from these websites.

How can I make my GPT learn from the latest content of a selected list of websites? Any suggestion is welcome.