How to interrupt Fine-tuning

I just launched a fine-tuning and got this message:

Created fine-tune: ft-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Streaming events until fine-tuning is complete...

(Ctrl-C will interrupt the stream, but not cancel the fine-tune)
[2022-12-31 21:48:21] Created fine-tune: ft-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[2022-12-31 21:49:29] Fine-tune costs $32.41
[2022-12-31 21:49:29] Fine-tune enqueued. Queue number: 0
[2022-12-31 21:49:31] Fine-tune started

$32 is too expensive for this test. How can I cancel the job?
It will be a great idea amend the message something like this:

[2022-12-31 21:49:29] Fine-tune costs $32.41  - DO THIS TO CANCEL THE FINE-TUNE: afdsasasfasdf

Or give the user a chance to accept/reject the fine-tune after the price-estimate


Hi David,

You can cancel a fine-tune job immediately using the API. Here’s the docs.

Simply pass the fine-tune job id: ft-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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