How to grow my blogging website with the help of ChatGPT?

Hi, my name is Emmanuel Katto from Uganda (Africa). I want to grow my blogging website, is there any chances to grow my website with the help of ChatGPT?

  • Well first you need an interesting life… :slight_smile:
    I mean thats literally true, However - 9/10ths is marketing if you actually want to grow an audience.

Your best bet is to do it organically.
Hobby? Good. Use that.

Truth be told if you want something successful you need to have something you actually are interested in.

Half of engagement is in your disposition.
If youre bored, they will be bored.

Twitter (or now “X” is a good choice to start it)

An honest way of using GPT-4 for writing in a blog (my opinion) is to have a conversation with it for a good 10 minutes.

Tell it about whatever.
Whatever you want to write about.

After 10 minutes of it learning, it will write that blog, and it will be the best presentation of whatever story you were on about.

Thats my opinion…

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It’s enough to narrate what you did throughout a day or to talk about what you saw on that day, what you heard, to narrate any movie, any event to create a blog post. If you want something of quality, you need to focus, use analogies, symbols, etc.

ChatGPT or BARD can help you write beautifully on a specific topic and even develop it. But it’s essential to first write something in your own words.

For example, you want to talk about a product, about a piece of meat you want to sell. It’s effortless to taste it, describe what you felt, what you liked or didn’t, why you would recommend it to others. You can add other elements: how you could season it to make it more flavorful, who is with you when you prepare it, what advice they give you, etc.

Then, you can use ChatGPT, instruct it to rephrase in a specific tone, a particular writing style, etc.

Okay, thank you so much for your suggestion!!

Okay @ioan.fantanaru thanks for your valuable suggestion.