How to get ChatGPT to just state the response

Hi, when I ask a question like:

J Bacteriol 137:256–263PubMed  CAS  Google Scholar  Balch WE, Schoberth S, Tanner RS, Wolfe RS (1977) Acetobacterium, a new genus of hydrogen-oxidizing, carbon dioxide-reducing, anaerobic bacteria.

State the name of the bacterium?

Then it likes to give the answer as a sentence like:
The name of the bacterium is Acetobacterium.

How do I get it to just say “Acetobacterium”?


`State the name of the bacterium in a single word.

Or give it an example or two…


Did you try to set a custom instruction for ChatGPT? And you may say that please give me the specific noun’s name, without the full sentence and remove stop words. Hope it works. :smile: