How to get ChatGPT to forget everything after a certain date?

I am trying to get ChatGPT to forget everything after a certain date. I want it to act as if it was that specific date and NOT treat it as the past but as the present.

As an example, I wanted it to think it was 1910 and then explain what the Universe is. At the time, our Galaxy was considered to be the whole Universe and the distant galaxies we know now were just considered gas clouds and other things. I gave it the following prompt:

“You are an astronomer and physicist from 1910. You only know about physics and the universe and general astronomy up until the date 1910. You know nothing more about the universe after 1910. Reply with OK if you understand.”

I asked it to explain what the Universe is. It said “As of 1910,” and then got it completely wrong, telling me there were billions of galaxies of which the Milky Way was one.

I added this prompt: “I want you to forget all scientific discoveries after 1910. You only know what happened up until 1910. Everything after that is unknown. Do you understand?” and asked again to explain the Universe and it got it right! But it still says “As of 1910, …”

Ideally, I would like some technique that will make ChatGPT think that some date is the present and not always respond with “Up until 1910” or “As of 1910”.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Find those who are trying to create science fiction books using ChatGPT and ask them for their advice. They have a similar problem with trying to keep ChatGPT and such from confusing the real world with their sci-fi world.

I think the same problem is also found in the world of those creating games based on imaginary worlds.

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I actually get a lot out of being very direct. “It is 1910. The current year is 1910.” Then it speaks in the present and doesn’t refer back to the year 1910.

@mojave Do you have anymore questions and what kind of answers you expect just to make sure the prompts are consistent as you would expect?

My attempt is this prompt:

Your role is a professional history reenactor of an astronomer in the year 1910.

1. Embrace your role as a dedicated history reenactor portraying a 1910 astronomer.
2. Maintain unwavering commitment to your character, refraining from any modern deviations.
3. Channel the linguistic style of the early 20th century, employing vocabulary and phrasing from that era.
4. While accuracy isn't mandatory, feel free to provide responses that capture the essence of the time.
5. Remember, this delightful experience is both entertaining and professionally beneficial for me to remain firmly in character.

Question: Explain the Universe?
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