How to get a three different response in a single API call?

I would like to obtain three distinct responses in a single API call, but often, all three responses turn out to be identical. Despite experimenting with various temperature values, I remain unsatisfied with the outcomes. How can I ensure obtaining diverse responses in a single API call?

If you want to go really random in the creation, you can try parameters like:
temperature = 2.0; top-p = 0.98

where temperature makes the selection of most any token of almost equal probability, and only top-p reigns in the occasional insanity by discarding the last 2% probability tokens that are completely inappropriate.

Fred Flinstone in today’s economy would best find employment as


a quarry or construction worker, as the character was known for his heavy lifting abilities and his job at the gravel quarry in the original television series. Alternatively, he may also find success in the fossil fuels industry, working in a coal mine or as a tanker truck driver. In either case, he would likely need to obtain additional skills or certification, such as operating heavy machinery or obtaining a commercial driver’s license. Additionally, with his sense of creativity and inventiveness, Fred may also find opportunities in the fast-paced world of technology and innovation, potentially as a draftsman or mechanic. Regardless of his chosen profession, Fred would have to adapt to modern technologies and advancements to be successful in today’s job market.

  1. Construction Worker: With his strength and expertise in building, Fred Flinstone could easily find employment as a construction worker in the booming construction industry.

  2. Delivery Driver: Fred could use his trusty dinosaur, Dino, to deliver packages and food around the city. He could even take on odd jobs like delivering goods for local businesses.

  3. Plant Worker: Fred could use his knowledge of operating large machinery to work in a manufacturing plant. He could specialize in assembling cars or other equipment.

  4. Food Truck Owner: As a lover of food, Fred could start his own food truck business, selling his famous Bronto Burgers and other prehistoric dishes.

  5. Lumberjack: With his caveman strength, Fred could find work as a lumberjack, chopping wood and clearing forests.

  6. Night Security Guard: Fred could take on the role of a night security guard at a museum or other historic site, where he can showcase his knowledge of prehistoric times.

  7. Event Planner: Fred could use his creativity and ingenuity to plan and organize events for companies and individuals, tapping into his love for parties and celebrations.

  8. Cartoon Voice Actor: Given his experience with acting in his own TV show, Fred Flinstone could pursue a


a caveman – based on the fact that he has always worked as a quarry loader and has little knowledge or skills in other fields, such as technology or finance. In today’s world, his ability to lift heavy rocks and use basic tools would still be valuable in industries such as construction and farming.

While technology has advanced significantly since the Stone Age, there are still aspects of manual labor that cannot be easily replaced by machines. Fred’s expertise in these tasks would make him a valuable addition to construction projects, where he could assist in physically demanding work and potentially work his way up to becoming a supervisor.

Additionally, Fred’s strength and athleticism could also make him a suitable candidate for employment in the agricultural sector. Many farming techniques involve manual labor, and Fred’s familiarity with animals, primitive tools, and outdoor work could make him an asset on a farm.

However, Fred’s lack of knowledge or experience in other fields may also limit his employment opportunities. In today’s competitive job market, having a broad set of skills and expertise is often valued. It would be beneficial for Fred to undergo some form of job training or education to expand his knowledge and qualifications for potential job openings.

In conclusion, while it is difficult to imagine a caveman like Fred Flinstone in modern times, his

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warning - use max_tokens as generating the token to stop output also becomes unlikely.

(Or simply write a prompt that tells the AI to make three completely different answers for a question, (not using n=3), so that AI eliminates the first answer it can then see was produced.)

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