How to generate $1 billing?

It’s either because you or someone else clicked a “solved button”

To answer your original question, just go ahead and develop your application with GPT-3.5, all you have to do is change the name of the endpoint in your code, when you do get access to gpt-4, everything else is the the same.

You can then test your application with GPT-3.5 and use about a dollar’s worth of tokens, solving the issue, or, if you want an even easier option, you can head over to the playground and start using that, since it also is charged though your API account.

I didn’t indicate that it was solved.
if there was a button I would remove the “solved” indication.
I am not interested to waste any time on 3.5. I have specific use-cases where 3.5 is not good enough

Then it might have been someone else who’ve pressed the button :laughing:

Not trying to be rude here, but how do you know that 3.5 isn’t good enough?

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gpt 3.5 is not compliant with prompt as gpt 4. for example, with Aider, gpt 3.5 doesn’t produce diffs correctly.

there seem to be a service that provides gpt 4.0 api amongst other llms at the same price as openai and without waiting list. anyone tried this?

Haven’t tried it, reselling api access is against the terms of service.

You don’t need an ai to create diffs, you can create perfect diffs every time with some simple Open Source software, GitHub, or just a free website like

I dont mean to sound rude, but it looks like you have no idea what aider is.

No worries, I do know what aider is :laughing:

But if you want to generate a 1 dollar bill, you’ll have to do it by using gpt-3.5 in some way, 1 dollar isn’t much, so you should be able to do that very quickly.

Most of comments including the so-called “solution” claimed that generating $1 or $1000 bill is no longer a remedy for anything

Have you tried?

The other option is just waiting, there’s nothing any of us here can do to speed up the process for you.

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I decided not to waste my creatively and energy on how to make gpt-4 api working for me.
if someone offers a a single-click test-and-see kind of solution sure I will try it. this is probably the maximum effort I will go for.
strategically I decided to postpone the gpt-4 support in my product for a later time.
the only times I even remember about this is when someone comments here and I get an email :upside_down_face:

As of today I got my first bill for $0.50 and now have access to GPT4.

A tip. You will need to generate a new API key otherwise GPT4 will not work and you will get a 404.

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Summary created by AI.

lorus is concerned about the authentication process for GPT-4 API access, wondering if an unsuccessful payment could hinder access. Foxabilo assures that access is being gradually granted, which may take a few days. lorus seeks clarity on the need for successful billing.

Foxabilo explains the rollout is a balancing act between developer onboarding and maintaining performance level. RealIntelligence criticizes the lack of clear communication, seeking more transparency. He mentions that having a paying account and waiting for months couldn’t expedite access.

Foxabilo emphasizes that access will be granted automatically in due time, stressing the balance between access and service performance. elmstedt reveals the $1 billing requirement is no longer a hurdle for being part of the new cohort, access to GPT-4 is being extended to more developers.

ivet suggests creating complex prompts using large values for max_tokens and n, hence reaching a billing amount over $1 by the end of the billing cycle, and indirectly indicating that usage could expedite access.

Summarized with AI on Dec 2 2023
AI used: gpt-4-32k