How to fine tune long form posts with the same structure?

Prompt chaining or fine tuning to replicate long form posts?

I’ve made reverse engineering of the posts of a competitor of mine.

His posts are very effective and engaging, but also very long (2-3K characters).

They follow a specific structure: an engaging question to stop the scrolling, definition of the problem, etc…

What’s the best solution to replicate his style in my posts with fine tuning?

Solution 1:
I simply create a cell per each post.
In each cell I simply copy paste the whole post of the competitor.

Solution 2:
I create a cell per each block defining a prompt and completion per each section of the post.

The first would be easier and faster.

Any suggestion? :wink:

Side question:
I’d fine tune with 30-40 posts: do you think they are enough for fine tuning?