How to find question history you asked throught api key,

I used an API key built into Chrome for an exam a while ago.
I need to go back and retrieve all the questions I asked ChatGPT that day.
I can see the usage: activity API requests for that specific day, but I need help finding the questions I asked through the API key.

I appreciate all your help.

First of all, thank you for helping me and your guidens.
The fist problem I encounter is this: * Filter by Date: Filter the logs to display only the requests from the specific day you are interested in.

I can not filter by date, the option is only filter by month, I can however chose the specific day but it only works when i want to “export” " Export activity data Date range"
It is on the right side of the page sir.

ALL THE REPLIES are gone ?

You seem to solely be discussing some third-party software. Perhaps a browser extension - the most dangerous place to be putting API keys (because there is little mechanism to prevent malware that steals API keys).

OpenAI retains no records of sent or generated API message contents for your later use. It would solely be a feature of that software that might be recording everything you do.