How to do not show some words?

how to do not show some words? I know that the term stop is to stop writing, but would there be a place where I ask not to show such words? how do you come in the reply, “hello how are you? on this topic i know it’s really cool” wanted to remove just the hello how are you? and leave the rest

A significant portion of the control is in how you word your prompt.

Try asking Assistant just as you are asking us. What have you tried so far?

There is a setting that allows you to ban specific words. It doesn’t apply to phrases

So if you ban the word “you” it won’t be used any of the completion - not just the first instance

Look up logit_bias

To find out how you can ban words etc

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hello everything is fine? but where should i look for it?


OpenAI API: Fine Tuning

Sounds tedious to be honest… :frowning_with_open_mouth: