How to disable Javascript non-helpful events

I have a few issues with web ChatGPT.

  • Scrolling: I don’t need help scrolling. This is ridiculous that I need to say “don"t do this”. Do not auto-scroll all the fn time. As I edit a prompt, I can’t see what I’m typing. When I want to switch to the previous version, my view scrolls to the end. You don’t know what I’m trying to do. Don’t help me scroll. The scroller was invented and perfected 40 years ago. It works just fine to use a mouse or touchpad. There are so many scroll events that are unnecessary. At the very least, give us a customization menu to remove these. We can hack the scripts a tiny bit with Chrome > inspect, but that is a painful way to solve a problem these devs made.
    -Copy and paste: This is actually three issues. Copy should not have events tied to it. Copy should work between apps. This is anti-competitive behavior by preventing users to export data from the app. Copy should not spy. Spy meant to unknowingly record without acknowledgement or permission. You have plenty of logs. You should only have access to what I send, not what I’m editing before I send. Copy and paste should work 100% of the time. Do not add features that are not ready. Try A/B testing and use a Pos/neutral/neg survey as a right side bar to get explicit feedback. You can simply ask instead of using weird AI+script hacks to infer what users are up to. We can use Chrome extensions to fix copy and block tracking events, but that dissolves privacy.
  • Feedback: this should not be difficult to find. I doubt the forums work well as a mechanism for product improvement. Make it easier to communicate grievances for the product we pay for. We could be obnoxious about this, but there is a middle ground that will help you and help us.

What should change?

  • Disable auto-scrolling
  • Fix copy/paste
  • Remove tracking events
  • Enable a direct feedback mechanism
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  • Scrolling: This is solved by just adding a userscript to your browser, this exact issue has been discussed here multiple times.
  • Copy and paste: You are just wrong about this, there is no spying. Pasting does have a trigger event associated with it, but the contents of the clipboard are not included in the payload. As for copy/paste not working, I have no idea what you are talking about, i have never had an instance where I couldn’t copy or paste from anywhere to anywhere.
  • Feedback: You can put feedback directly into ChatGPT, use, or post it in the bugs or feature requests categories here.
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