How to Deposit $1 for GPT-4 8k API Access?

I have a ChatGPT Plus subscription, but my API account does not have access to GPT-4. Are they different accounts? My billing history shows zero since Mar 20, 2023. How do I “start a payment plan” when I am already on billing, and have a ChatGPT Plus subscription?

The cost of using API is by your actual use of data.

The billing system is completely separate from a ChatGPT subscription.

If you’ve already put in a payment card method for API, but simply not used it enough in the past to get a bill, you have a post-paid account. You would not want the prepaid “buy credits” plan in its current state of bugs and inconvenience. Just generate >$1 usage causing billing from usage to put yourself in the “not casual trial moocher” category for future consideration.

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Model Input Output
4K context $0.0015 / 1K tokens $0.002 / 1K tokens
So I’d need to use 1000 tokens to pay $2, about 750 words they say.
Thank you _j

Update: I’ve done three translations, each consuming 1000 tokens, and have $0.0016 used so far. It’s pretty efficient, so I won’t be hitting any PAYG threshold soon.

You overestimate price by orders of magnitude.

Sending big input, over and over, at max_tokens=1 is a fast way to uselessly set money on fire.

$1 = (4000 input tokens) x (167 requests) to gpt-3.5-turbo

Heck yes that was the price per 1K tokens, not per token!
Thanks again, you’re a great help.

According to How to generate $1 billing? - #16 by Foxabilo , there’s no need to spend $1. Has this changed, or do spenders get priority?

I’m still unsure how much activity is expected to classify someone as a “developer”.

No need to incur billing? Inaccurate, or at least poor advice to deny its relevance. More access to GPT-4 was granted in a second wave after the announcement and after he wrote that - again only to those with account billings.

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Hi, that is indeed out of date advice, there was an update recently where users with more than $0.50 in API usage credit (pre pay account) were granted GPT-4 access, from that one can reasonably make the assumption that at least a bill of $0.50 is required to enable GPT-4 access on a post pay account.

With that all being said, there is no official word on the exact mechanism by which those who pay for API usage on their due billing date (traditional API users) gain access to to GPT-4. So do not make any commercial decisions reliant on that.


OpenAI would benefit from allowing to simply pay $0.5 instead of having users waste compute on nonsense generation, and users would benefit from not wasting own time.

OpenAI would benefit from the profit from you sending 16k to the AI and getting back 1 token, fulfilled in a second. Repeat 21x for $1.

vs the opposite, a decent fraction of an hour.


Spending electricity and wearing down hardware earns income?

I’d hope for their sake they have priced these APIs so their trajectory is to make money.

But my main point here is:

GPT-4 access during development phase is seriously overrated (and a costly exercise!).

By the time you get to Production I guarantee you’d have spent enough to get into the next wave of GPT-4 access :slight_smile:

But once in Production, you might want to consider the additional cost and slowness of GPT-4 response to be a significant downside which might persuade you to stick with GPT 3.5. (but of course it really depends on what you are using it for and if the model differences matter).

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I just closed my plan and “Billing”->“Overview” and opened it again. When I reopened it, I was able to make a contribution to the API. At least 5 $.

Thanks a lot

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I’m somewhat baffled by the number of posts asking how to get to $1 of API usage to enable GPT-4 access. First, if you want to set money on fire quickly, I think the you can just call a “text-davinci” model which is like half the cost of gpt-4.

But also, there is no prompt experimenting, function call refinement, testing, development to do that won’t consume a few dozen gpt-3.5 calls? Whatever you are planning to do with gpt-4, start doing it with gpt-3.5 and start evaluating. Once you have access to both models, you can determine what, if any, part of your pipeline can be fed to 3.5 at 1/20 the cost of gpt-4.

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OpenAI completions deprecation announcement: “chat is 97% of our use”.

So a ChatCompletion script is more likely at hand for the $0.11 usage crowd. An even higher hurdle for useful usage: fine-tune a model.

Cancelling post-pay and paying for a credit means you’ve yet to use AI services, yet the money is not in your bank any more, and you have enrolled in limiting prepay system with possible bugs to encounter.

Guess the average amount of abandoned credit per account in a $5 minimum purchase scheme in a few years…

So you lose a buck, on minimum-impact call like I describe (and actually get the AI service you use). You’ve maintained your post-pay status by not removing cards and re-enrolling, and are also in the crowd “I spend money”.

@AlexKr I think you should reply to it as a post and self-accept, if that’s possible, since I usually don’t read the questions at all and have completely missed your solution, which indeed works. I’ll paste it for convenience:

I just closed my plan and “Billing”->“Overview” and opened it again. When I reopened it, I was able to make a contribution to the API. At least 5 $.

This is working on me, thanks a lot. I only need to cancel and resubmit the plan with $5 minimum charge.

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I just made a new account but I cannot access the prepaid feature. The button in the billing section still says “Add payment details” rather than “Start payment plan”.

What can be the cause of this?

I tried with multiple new accounts.

They’ve seemingly changed the name of the button, but it still takes you to the same “individual/company”->“enter card” path as was there before, and I would expect after the screen where you can choose the amount of credits to fund with.

Perhaps “Start Payment Plan” was seen as the possibility of an objectionable commitment to the future (like a payment plan will help you pay off your overdue account with installments) so OpenAI changed the language.